Remote Walk runs on Apple Watch OS v7 and later. The supported Apple Watch models are Series 3 and later as well as SE since those are the watches that support OS v7.

Remote Walk on Apple Watch has all the routes that the iPhone version has. If you update to premium (from iPhone or Watch), you will get all the premium routes on both iPhone and Apple Watch (assuming your watch meets the requirements stated above).

The Remote Walk Apple Watch app is independent of the iPhone app. In fact, you do not even need the Remote Walk iPhone app installed to use the Watch app.

While the Watch app does not have all of the features of the iPhone app due to the Watch’s limited screen size — it is convenient when you want to walk the virtual routes and glance at your progress on your wrist.

Like the iPhone app, the Watch app will show you a map in the virtual city with your location, stats for your walk including steps and calories, and your progression through the city landmarks, including information about each.

Route Distance Tracking

Remote Walk for Apple Watch uses the watch pedometer to track your distance. It mirrors this distance on the selected virtual route.

Route Selection

The Apple Watch app has all the routes that the iPhone app has. If you upgrade to premium (you can do this from iPhone, or Apple Watch) you will get all the premium routes on both iPhone and Apple Watch, for the one time, non-subscription based price.

Watch Complications

Remote Walk on Apple Watch provides a Complication you can add to your watch face (small circular icon). From there you can see how far you are progressing in your route, and when you are complete.

The icon on the watch face has three states:

  1. Red icon showing that you are not currently in a route
  2. Green walk icon showing that you are walking in the route. A circular gauge around the icon indicates your percentage of the route you have completed so far
  3. A standing, waving icon that indicates you have completed the virtual route