Do I have to actually be in the city I select to use the app?

No, you do not need to be there!

With Remote Walk, you walk anywhere — in other words, your normal walking routes. You will have a virtual experience like you are in the city you selected, including passing the landmarks on the way.

When I change directions while walking, does that affect my position on the virtual route?

When you turn in real life, it has no effect on your heading on the virtual route. The virtual route itself is fixed. You can walk in any direction you want in real life. The app only measures the distance you travel and then advances your position along the virtual route by that same amount.

Can I have it use my steps to progress through the route instead of GPS?

The app has three tracking modes: GPS, Steps, and Fixed. The tracking mode can be set in More->Settings.

GPS mode is good for dedicated exercise walks outside. In this mode, you have the benefit of the app telling you as you pass things right away — even when the app is in the background, and your phone screen is dark (which is mostly the case while you are walking). You can use your headphones and sound will mix with any music you have playing.

Steps mode will use your steps to progress through the virtual route. This mode uses less power than the GPS mode and is a good choice to leave on throughout the day. Also, steps mode will track when you are walking inside or on a treadmill — something that GPS mode will not do.

In steps mode, you will not get real-time spoken feedback in the background when you pass landmarks as you do in GPS mode. However, you will periodically get notifications in the background showing you the last new landmarks you passed.

Fixed mode can be used if you want to simply see the virtual route progress without needing to move a muscle. It just progresses through the route at 3.5 mph.

Why does Street view not change continuously as I walk?

Remote Walk uses the Google Street view library to display where you are on the route. These are not continuous views like in real life, but instead, consist of a series of 360 views of the street at intervals. Depending on your walking speed, you will see street view updates every 5-10 seconds or so.

I started the route, but my person icon just stays in the same place on the map. Why?

Usually this is because you are not actually moving in real life!

This can happen especially in GPS mode where you are either walking inside or in tight circles outside. This is because GPS is not detecting that you are moving any distance. In these situations, the steps mode is more accurate since you can walk however you want, even on a treadmill — as long as your phone is with you, and you are performing a walking motion.

Also, if you want to progress through the route without moving at all, you can go to the More tab -> Settings and set fixed speed. This will cause the app to always assume you are traveling at 3.5 mph without actually checking your movement.

See the second question previously for more information.

Can I use the app on a treadmill?

Yes, treadmill walking can advance you on the virtual route, but only if you are in the Steps tracking mode. If you set GPS to track your distance, walking on a treadmill will simply look like you are in the same place and thus not walking.

If you go to the More tab and select settings and change the tracking mode to either Steps or Fixed rate, it will work on a treadmill (although in the case of steps, you will actually need to have the phone on your body so it registers the steps).